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DIY Lash Kit

These Lightweight easy to do lashes are a game changer.

We have the best glue, and that is what will set us apart from the other companies. Our lashes will last you 5 to 10 days. You are going to fall in love.

Each kit will come with 4 sets of lashes, the tool to apply them, Bonder, Sealant, and the remover.

We can not wait for you to fall in love with our lashes.


Our lightweight DIY eyelashes are delicately crafted to provide a natural and effortless look. These lashes are designed to be comfortable and easy to apply, making them perfect for everyday wear or special occasions. The thin and flexible band ensures a seamless blend with your natural lashes, creating a flawless and undetectable finish. The individual strands are meticulously arranged to enhance your eye shape and add a subtle length and volume, without overwhelming your natural lashes. These DIY eyelashes are lightweight, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort. They are also customizable, allowing you to trim and shape them to fit your desired look. With these lightweight DIY eyelashes, you can effortlessly enhance your eyes and achieve a stunning, natural-looking flutter.

How to put them on...

For $65

You Get to Pick 4 sets and you will get all the tools and supplies you need.

Make sure you know which ones before you go to the next page..

If you are a beginer I would start with the Short Lashes..

If you want long but thinner to look more natural, the lash called Inspire would be the one for you.

If you want to look like you just came out of a lash studio for a full volume set Empower and Unstopable is the lash for you..

Shortest Lashes

Shortest Wispy
Shortest Full
Wispy Cat Eye
Mid Length and Volume

Long and Whispy Lashes

Long and Wispy
Long, Wispy and Volume
Longest and Wispy

Long, Thick, and Volume  

Cat Eye, Long and Volume
Longest and Volume
Longest and Volume
Longest and Most Volume

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