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About Us, Hello Darling | XO Hair Extensions

Our Story

Co-Owners Hollie and Chad.

Hollie and Chad work together as a team. Chad works the shipping department and Hollie does the hair. They have 2 boys Baylee 18 and Brody 11.  They had a dream and passion that has led them here today.  

Words From Hollie, 

I have been a hair designer for 17 years. During that time i have also had a few side businesses chasing dreams as they come my way.  

I started working with hair extensions back in 2010 I first started with fusion, then to I-tip, then on to tape in. Doing all of these methods I was not happy with how these different methods would put too much tension on my clients hair and compromised the integrity of the hair. I had to find another way. 

( I am in no way knocking or talking bad about any other methods I do believe they have all came a long way since 2010)

As I was on my mission of finding a better way I had an accident that left me unable to work for a couple years. At the time I did not know if my journey as a stylist was over or not but I hoped and prayed I would be able to get back to the one thing I love the most and that is doing hair. Thankfully during that time i was able to build a team in a network marketing company that completely changed mine and several of my friends futures. It was during this time I realized anything is possible and to never give up on your dreams.

After lots of prayers and a good chiropractor I was able to get back to it part time.. During that time I trained in several sew in methods. I absolutely love this method. and all things about it. Handtied (sew-in) method is definitely one of my favorites. I knew this was the method I wanted to move forward with. in April of 2019 I created my own brand of hair extensions (so far i only sold to myself and hairstylist friends) Hello Darling XO its not only the brand of my hair extensions it is also my boutique name.. You see one day plan to have all things girly in my store. This is just the beginning. I have had a boutique off and on since 2007. My hope is I can create a brand that is quality and affordable and always giving back.

I was introduced to another type of hair I had never seen before. I asked my manufacturer if they could make it for me and that is when the OriginalXO Hair Extensions was created. I did not invent this method i have seen something similar done in videos dating back to 2011. Being that I love the Handtied extensions so much I really didnt want to give this other method a second look. I have since then learned that I do not have to just be locked down to 1 method. Different people will want different things based on their hair and price point.. After lots of testing and models I have decided that I do love this method and the way it is so less damaging on the hair, but I did not love how the beads were so visible. I got to the drawing board and that’s how the XO Invisible Weft was created. It took about 8 months of samples and testing before we finally had a product we loved and thanks to TIKTOK we blew up on social media and I had to act fast. So here we are today with almost 1000 stylists across the world that have gotten certified in our method of extensions. 

I want to thank everyone for the love and support. It means so much to us.  Our mission is to help as many stylists as we can work less behind the chair and double their income with our fast and innovative extension methods. 

thank you Hollie Choate
About Us, Hello Darling | XO Hair Extensions